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Created December 15, 2010 10:46
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[python]Genetic Algorithm example
"""Genetic Algorithmn Implementation
import random
class GeneticAlgorithm(object):
def __init__(self, genetics):
self.genetics = genetics
def run(self):
population = self.genetics.initial()
while True:
fits_pops = [(, ch) for ch in population]
if self.genetics.check_stop(fits_pops): break
population =
return population
def next(self, fits):
parents_generator = self.genetics.parents(fits)
size = len(fits)
nexts = []
while len(nexts) < size:
parents = next(parents_generator)
cross = random.random() < self.genetics.probability_crossover()
children = self.genetics.crossover(parents) if cross else parents
for ch in children:
mutate = random.random() < self.genetics.probability_mutation()
nexts.append(self.genetics.mutation(ch) if mutate else ch)
return nexts[0:size]
class GeneticFunctions(object):
def probability_crossover(self):
r"""returns rate of occur crossover(0.0-1.0)"""
return 1.0
def probability_mutation(self):
r"""returns rate of occur mutation(0.0-1.0)"""
return 0.0
def initial(self):
r"""returns list of initial population
return []
def fitness(self, chromosome):
r"""returns domain fitness value of chromosome
return len(chromosome)
def check_stop(self, fits_populations):
r"""stop run if returns True
- fits_populations: list of (fitness_value, chromosome)
return False
def parents(self, fits_populations):
r"""generator of selected parents
gen = iter(sorted(fits_populations))
while True:
f1, ch1 = next(gen)
f2, ch2 = next(gen)
yield (ch1, ch2)
def crossover(self, parents):
r"""breed children
return parents
def mutation(self, chromosome):
r"""mutate chromosome
return chromosome
if __name__ == "__main__":
example: Mapped guess prepared Text
class GuessText(GeneticFunctions):
def __init__(self, target_text,
limit=200, size=400,
prob_crossover=0.9, prob_mutation=0.2): = self.text2chromo(target_text)
self.counter = 0
self.limit = limit
self.size = size
self.prob_crossover = prob_crossover
self.prob_mutation = prob_mutation
# GeneticFunctions interface impls
def probability_crossover(self):
return self.prob_crossover
def probability_mutation(self):
return self.prob_mutation
def initial(self):
return [self.random_chromo() for j in range(self.size)]
def fitness(self, chromo):
# larger is better, matched == 0
return -sum(abs(c - t) for c, t in zip(chromo,
def check_stop(self, fits_populations):
self.counter += 1
if self.counter % 10 == 0:
best_match = list(sorted(fits_populations))[-1][1]
fits = [f for f, ch in fits_populations]
best = max(fits)
worst = min(fits)
ave = sum(fits) / len(fits)
"[G %3d] score=(%4d, %4d, %4d): %r" %
(self.counter, best, ave, worst,
return self.counter >= self.limit
def parents(self, fits_populations):
while True:
father = self.tournament(fits_populations)
mother = self.tournament(fits_populations)
yield (father, mother)
def crossover(self, parents):
father, mother = parents
index1 = random.randint(1, len( - 2)
index2 = random.randint(1, len( - 2)
if index1 > index2: index1, index2 = index2, index1
child1 = father[:index1] + mother[index1:index2] + father[index2:]
child2 = mother[:index1] + father[index1:index2] + mother[index2:]
return (child1, child2)
def mutation(self, chromosome):
index = random.randint(0, len( - 1)
vary = random.randint(-5, 5)
mutated = list(chromosome)
mutated[index] += vary
return mutated
# internals
def tournament(self, fits_populations):
alicef, alice = self.select_random(fits_populations)
bobf, bob = self.select_random(fits_populations)
return alice if alicef > bobf else bob
def select_random(self, fits_populations):
return fits_populations[random.randint(0, len(fits_populations)-1)]
def text2chromo(self, text):
return [ord(ch) for ch in text]
def chromo2text(self, chromo):
return "".join(chr(max(1, min(ch, 255))) for ch in chromo)
def random_chromo(self):
return [random.randint(1, 255) for i in range(len(]
GeneticAlgorithm(GuessText("Hello World!")).run()
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Zortog commented Mar 27, 2013

Hello! I have a question about using this code as an example. I am working on a poster for university that will be displayed publically. I was wondering if I might be able to use this code as a simple example of a genetic algorithm. Of course I would attribute it to you and give you all the credit that you are due, but I could not find the copyright info for this work, so I figured that I would ask in the comments. Thanks in advance!

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dude what is that r inside a function, just before return.

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why do you use raw strings as docstrings?

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