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Last active Sep 13, 2022
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[electron] Tray launcher example
"use strict";
// [run the app]
// $ npm install electron
// $ ./node_modules/.bin/electron .
const {app, nativeImage, Tray, Menu, BrowserWindow} = require("electron");
let top = {}; // prevent gc to keep windows
app.once("ready", ev => { = new BrowserWindow({
width: 800, height: 600, center: true, minimizable: false, show: false,
webPreferences: {
nodeIntegration: false,
webSecurity: true,
sandbox: true,
});"");"close", ev => {
ev.preventDefault(); // prevent quit process
// empty image as transparent icon: it can click
// see:
top.tray = new Tray(nativeImage.createEmpty());
const menu = Menu.buildFromTemplate([
{label: "Actions", submenu: [
{label: "Open Google", click: (item, window, event) => {
//console.log(item, event);;
{type: "separator"},
{role: "quit"}, // "role": system prepared action menu
top.tray.setToolTip("hello electrol");
//top.tray.setTitle("Tray Example"); // macOS only
// Option: some animated web site to tray icon image
// see:
top.icons = new BrowserWindow({
show: false, webPreferences: {offscreen: true}});
top.icons.webContents.on("paint", (event, dirty, image) => {
if (top.tray) top.tray.setImage(image.resize({width: 16, height: 16}));
app.on("before-quit", ev => {
// BrowserWindow "close" event spawn after quit operation,
// it requires to clean up listeners for "close" event"close");
// release windows
top = null;
"name": "Tray Example",
"main": "main.js"
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VadimKorobka commented Oct 23, 2017

hello electrol -> hello electron

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CliffyMk commented Feb 13, 2018

how to load external image (url) as tray icon

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sasikanth513 commented Jun 14, 2018

Is there any way to set text as tray icon? I tried setting empty image and setting tray title which renders small space at the start

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GuillermoFarias commented Jul 8, 2022

thanks ❤️

in macos, if not use nativeImage the tryIcon not show 💩

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