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Review past week

  • Review calendar events from the past week: Do you need to follow-up with anyone? Are there action items from any of those events you need to get done?
  • Review your weekly or monthly goals: Did you achieve any goals last week? Did you move forward on longer-term goals? Do you need to adjust your process this week?
  • Reflect on the past week: Did the week feel successful as a whole? Could it have been better? What were the good and bad parts?

Prepare for upcoming week

  • Review calendar events for the week ahead: Do you need to prepare notes or research for any events? Do you need to confirm times and places?
  • Review monthly and quarterly goals: Is there anything you can do this week to move towards your goals?
  • Review in-progress projects: Are any of these stalled? Can you move them forward this week?
  • Review tasks you've delegated to others: Do any of these need to be followed-up? Are any of them complete and waiting on your input now?
  • Review your someday/maybe task list: Is there anything in your backlog of tasks and projects that you want to work on this week?
  • Set goals for the week ahead: Based on how much time you have available and your priorities, what goals do you want to aim for this week?
  • Review tasks scheduled for the week ahead: Are they all still important? Are they scheduled early enough to complete them on-time? Have you scheduled too much work for yourself?

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commented May 7, 2018

Just used this for the first time. Thanks! I found it a good add-on to NotePlan and Text Expander.

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