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Bryan Ellerbrock bellerbrock

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bellerbrock / gist:156ef0af4eed2a023b973d32212292af
Last active Jan 15, 2020
Handy breedbase db migration commands
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# skips first sp_person_id to exclude admin account
psql -U postgres -h breedbase_db <db_name> -c "\copy (SELECT * FROM sgn_people.sp_person where sp_person_id > 1) TO STDOUT" > people.tsv
psql -U postgres -h breedbase_db <db_name> -c "COPY sgn_people.sp_person FROM STDIN" < people.tsv
# Grant usage on all schemas to web_usr
DO $do$
sch text;
FOR sch IN SELECT nspname FROM pg_namespace
bellerbrock / gist:2248f83417fb71ca712fa10025a33bee
Last active Dec 6, 2019
Sending confirmation emails via SMTP
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Notes about confirmation email troubleshooting.

Confirmation emails sent with the local hostname go to spam, and Mail::Sendmail does seem to support SMTP auth very well. I could not get Mail::Sendmail to work with I also had no luck with Email::Sender::Transport::SMTP which is already a dependency, or Email::Sender::Transport::SMTPS

The best soultion I've found is Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail which works well and has bonus features like support for file attachments. To use it, install it (cpanm Email::Send::SMTP::Gmail) and make sure the gmail account being used for login has the 'allow access for less secure apps' setting turned on.

Here's a test script for proof of concept:

bellerbrock / Enable logging in RTT
Last active Mar 19, 2020
Enable logging in RTT
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# Add to beginning of cgi:
import logging
import pprint
import config
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
logging.basicConfig(filename=config.ROOT_PATH+"/rtt.log", level=logging.DEBUG)
# Add debugging print statements like this
bellerbrock / new_system_config.txt
Last active Oct 17, 2019
New system configuration
View new_system_config.txt
Install Rstudio
Install Peek
Install VirtualBox
Install Android Studio
sudo apt install
sudo apt install htop
Setup .bash_aliases
bellerbrock / sgn_local.conf
Created Oct 16, 2019
Default example of sgn_local.conf
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dbhost breedbase-db
dbname breedbase
dbuser postgres
dbpass postgres
rootpath /home/production/cxgn
basepath /home/production/cxgn/sgn
composable_cvs trait,toy
composable_cvs_allowed_combinations Time Series|trait+toy
bellerbrock / bash_aliases.txt
Last active Oct 17, 2019
Handy general aliases and for working with breedbase docker containers
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alias log='tail -f -n 100 /var/log/sgn/error.log'
#docker commands
alias drm='docker stop $(docker ps -qa) && docker rm $(docker ps -qa) && docker image rm $(docker images) && docker volume rm $(docker volume ls)' # && docker ps -a && docker images && docker volume ls'
alias dps='docker ps --format "table {{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}\t{{.Image}}"'
alias dpsa='docker ps -a'
alias dstart='docker start $(docker ps -qa)'
alias dstop='docker stop $(docker ps -qa)'
bellerbrock / breedbase_docker_deployment.txt
Last active Oct 21, 2019
Deploying breedbase via docker
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#Docker deployments are now even easier and handled via docker-compose
git clone
cd breedbase_dockerfile
# For development
mkdir archive
mv sgn_local.conf.template sgn_local.conf # Edit default and add web_usr password
sudo docker-compose up -d
View gist:e936e6f1595c5552c60e715c9576dfc2
# starting in the cxgn directory clone or pull the latest updates in the sgn and Chado repos
git clone
git clone
# Load the ontology terms
# If you get a message about missing packages it may be necessary to add to Chado modules to perl5lib: export PERL5LIB=/home/production/cxgn/Chado/chado/lib:$PERL5LIB
perl Chado/chado/bin/ -H -D sandbox_batatabase -s TIME -d Pg -r postgres -p <PASSWORD> -n cxgn_time_ontology -u -v sgn/ontology/cxgn_time.obo
View Running schemaspy
1. Download the latest schemaspy release from
2. Check your java installation, and if not installed already install the required version of java. In this case java 8
To check:
java -version
update-alternatives --list java
To install: (from
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