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Created September 12, 2013 17:34
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# Setting the default app server file
echo "TTNRT : about to forever start $APP_FILE"
# Getting arguments as array
if [ ${ARGS[0]} = "start" ]; then
echo "Staring: $APP_FILE"
echo `forever start -l forever.log -o out.log -e err.log ~/TTN-RT/"$APP_FILE"`
elif [ ${ARGS[0]} = "stop" ]; then
echo "Stopping: $APP_FILE"
echo `forever stop "$APP_FILE"`
echo 'Um, you didn\'t tell me what to do [start | stop]'
echo 'FIN.'
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I get this error

./ttnrt: line 27: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `''
./ttnrt: line 28: syntax error: unexpected end of file

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