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Godot Match Rect Size
extends Node
class_name MatchRectSize
onready var parent := get_parent() as Control
export(NodePath) var target_control
onready var target := get_node(target_control) as Control
export var match_x := true
export var match_y := true
export var margin_x := 0.0
export var margin_y := 0.0
export var constant_update := false
export var respect_min_size_x := false
export var respect_min_size_y := false
func _ready():
if !Engine.editor_hint:
assert(target != null)
assert(parent != null)
target.connect("resized", self, "on_target_resized")
func on_target_resized():
var target_size := parent.rect_min_size
if match_x:
target_size.x = (target.rect_scale.x * target.rect_size.x) + margin_x
if match_y:
target_size.y = (target.rect_scale.y * target.rect_size.y) + margin_y
if respect_min_size_x:
target_size.x = max(parent.rect_min_size.x, target_size.x)
if respect_min_size_y:
target_size.y = max(parent.rect_min_size.y, target_size.y)
if not (respect_min_size_x or respect_min_size_y):
parent.rect_min_size = target_size
parent.rect_size = target_size
func _process(delta):
if Engine.editor_hint:
target = get_node_or_null(target_control) as Control
if target:
parent = get_parent() as Control
if constant_update:
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