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How to check BeMob landing signature with PHP
define('LANDING_SECRET_KEY', 'ODk4ZDc2MjM2MGE4NmRjMmRiY2E3Njg1MDFlZTU0MTIxNjU5YzE1Yw=='); // Your landing secret key from -> Settings -> Tracker
define('SIGNATURE_TTL', '1 minute'); // How long signature should be valid. Valid formats are explained here:
define('SIGNATURE_GET_PARAM', 'key'); // GET parameter with BeMob landing signature
$signature = isset($_GET[SIGNATURE_GET_PARAM]) ? rawurldecode($_GET[SIGNATURE_GET_PARAM]) : exit('Access denied');
if (!$signature = base64_decode($signature)) {
exit('Access denied');
if (!$signature = json_decode($signature, true)) {
exit('Access denied');
if (!isset($signature['timestamp']) || !isset($signature['hash'])) {
exit('Access denied');
$signedHash = hash_hmac('sha1', $signature['timestamp'], LANDING_SECRET_KEY);
if ($signedHash !== $signature['hash'] || strtotime(SIGNATURE_TTL, $signature['timestamp']) < time()) {
exit('Access denied');
?><!DOCTYPE html>
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