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@ben-yu ben-yu/
Created Apr 7, 2015

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import nltk
import pickle
import random
import string
class MarkovModel(object):
def __init__(self, model_path=None):
if model_path:
pkl_file = open(model_path, 'rb')
self.model = pickle.load(pkl_file)
self.model = dict()
def train(self, model_path=None):
review_file = open('reviews.csv', "rb")
tokenizer = nltk.tokenize.RegexpTokenizer(r'\w+|[^\w\s]+')
tokenized_content = tokenizer.tokenize(
for w1, w2, w3 in self.triplets(tokenized_content):
key = (w1, w2)
if key in self.model:
self.model[key] = [w3]
if model_path:
output = open(model_path, 'wb')
pickle.dump(self.model, output)
def triplets(self, words):
"""Generates triplets from a list of words"""
for i in range(len(words) - 2):
yield (words[i], words[i + 1], words[i + 2])
def join_tokens(self, a, b):
if b in string.punctuation or a.endswith('(') or a.endswith('\''):
return a + b
return a + " " + b
def generate_tweet(self):
w1, w2 = random.choice(self.model.keys())
gen_words = []
tweet_length = 0
while tweet_length <= 100:
tweet_length += len(w1) + 1
w1, w2 = w2, random.choice(self.model[(w1, w2)])
nouns = filter(lambda x: x[1] == 'NN', nltk.pos_tag(gen_words))
if nouns:
gen_words.append('#' + random.choice(nouns)[0])
return reduce(self.join_tokens, gen_words)
if __name__ == '__main__':
print MarkovModel(model_path='reviews.pkl').generate_tweet()
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