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Created July 27, 2011 23:50
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shiminy: minimal es5-shim

Looking at the ES5 compatibility table, several browsers provide everything often used (i. e. not Object.freeze() and friends) except Function.prototype.bind. So I just inline that. Browsers that don't provide other functions also don't include Object.getOwnPropertyNames, so I used it as my test for including the entire shim.

Note that I haven't tested it yet, and it doesn't work for the six Object functions next to each other in the Safari 5 part of the compatibility chart (Safari 5 is deemed good enough).

Update: I added JSON for IE <= 7. JSON is used in a good number of node.js modules.

test: window.JSON,
nope: '//'
}, {
test: Object.getOwnPropertyNames,
nope: "//",
callback: function() {
// from es5-shim referenced above. Copyright the original authors. MIT License.
if(!Function.prototype.bind){var slice=Array.prototype.slice;Function.prototype.bind=function a(a){function d(){if(this instanceof d){var a=Object.create(b.prototype);b.apply(a,c.concat(;return a}else{return,c.concat(}}var b=this;if(typeof b.apply!=="function"||typeof!=="function")return new TypeError;var;d.length=typeof b==="function"?Math.max(b.length-c.length,0):0;return d}}
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I was thinking about this within the context of browserify. I realized that JSON.parse is a biggie too, and should be tested for separately, in order to hopefully support a lot of node modules that don't depend on modules that won't run in the browser.

I'm editing this to add json2.

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