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Created Mar 24, 2020
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ssg + mdx next.js
import fs from "fs";
import MDX from "@mdx-js/runtime";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom/server";
import path from "path";
const Post = ({ post }) => {
return <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{ __html: post }} />;
export async function getStaticPaths() {
return {
paths: fs
.map(slug => ({ params: { slug: slug.replace(".mdx", "") } })),
fallback: false
export async function getStaticProps({ params: { slug } }) {
return {
props: {
post: ReactDOM.renderToStaticMarkup(
<MDX>{fs.readFileSync(path.join("posts", slug + ".mdx"))}</MDX>
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KozaKrisz commented Apr 4, 2020

Hi Ben,
I asked about the MDX version on your YouTube channel. First of all, thanks for your quick answer! So, I had the simple MD version now in my experimental project:

I've just read the warning on the @mdx-js/runtime NPM page:

this is not the preferred way to use MDX since it introduces a substantial amount of overhead and dramatically increases bundle sizes. It should also not be used with user input that isn’t sandboxed.

I am curious about what would be the preffered way? I host my experimental site on Heroku. So that is an SSR rendering project if I understood well the concepts. Would you use @mdx-js/runtime anyway?

Thanks for your answer!

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benawad commented Apr 5, 2020

@mdx-js/runtime won't run in the browser, so should be ok. I haven't looked much into MDX, so there might be a better way.

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