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Last active August 22, 2020 01:17
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  • JavaScript vs. TypeScript
  • Coding Interviews are great
  • Deno vs. Node
  • flutter vs react-native
  • is HTML a programming language
  • JWT vs Sessions
  • Hooks are Bad (React)
  • light mode vs dark mode
  • React is bad
  • React vs Plain HTML/Vanilla Javascript
  • Redux vs Recoil
  • RISC vs CISC
  • XSS vs CSRF
  • iOS vs Android
  • SQL vs NoSQL
  • FAANG vs Startup job
  • Whiteboard vs take home test
  • AMD vs Intel
  • x86-64 vs ARM
  • vim vs emacs
  • Electron is bad
  • OOP vs FP
  • VSCode vs JetBrains
  • PWA vs Native App
  • Pepsi vs Cocacola
  • Coffee vs Tea
  • Dynamic vs Statically typed programming languages
  • PHP is a great programming language
  • Google vs Bing vs Duckduckgo
  • ORMs are great
  • Mac vs Linux
  • Vim vs VSCode
  • tailwind vs bootstrap vs bulma vs fill_in__your_favorite_crappy_css_frameowork vs css in js
  • Next.js vs Gatsby
  • open source vs close source
  • college vs bootcamp
  • siri vs alexa
  • AWS vs anything else
  • What's best linux distro
  • projects vs competitive programming
  • firebase vs AWS appsync vs build your own
  • hasura vs postgraphile vs prisma/typeorm/build-your-own
  • wordpress vs gatsby
  • vue vs React
  • npm vs yarn
  • microfrontends are good
  • django vs anything
  • game dev vs web dev
  • github vs gitlab
  • gpt-3 is going to replace programmers
  • Best major for college? CS vs anything else
  • Docker vs VMs
  • CS major vs self-taught
  • garbage collection is trash
  • c# vs java
  • db design vs mongodb
  • watching twitch vs coding
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