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Created Sep 11, 2017
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package rocks.biankouski.runinfiregame.desktop.opengl.service;
import java.util.Hashtable;
import java.util.Map;
public class DI {
private final Map<Class<?>, Initializable> callbacks = new Hashtable<>();
private final Map<Class<?>, Object> initiated = new Hashtable<>();
public interface Initializable {
Object init(DI di) throws NotDeclaredException;
public class NotDeclaredException extends Exception {
NotDeclaredException(String message) {
public void share(Class cls, Initializable callback) {
callbacks.put(cls, callback);
public Object get(Class className) throws NotDeclaredException {
Object instance = initiated.get(className);
if (instance != null) {
return instance;
Initializable initializable = callbacks.get(className);
if (initializable == null) {
throw new NotDeclaredException(className.getName() + " wasn't declared.");
instance = initializable.init(this);
initiated.put(className, instance);
return instance;
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