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C# Extension method that generates a list of exception messages from the top level down through all inner exceptions
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace System {
public static partial class ExceptionExtensions {
/// <summary>
/// Returns a list of all the exception messages from the top-level
/// exception down through all the inner exceptions. Useful for making
/// logs and error pages easier to read when dealing with exceptions.
/// Usage: Exception.Messages()
/// </summary>
public static IEnumerable<string> Messages( this Exception ex ) {
// return an empty sequence if the provided exception is null
if (ex == null) { yield break; }
// first return THIS exception's message at the beginning of the list
yield return ex.Message;
// then get all the lower-level exception messages recursively (if any)
IEnumerable<Exception> innerExceptions = Enumerable.Empty<Exception>();
if (ex is AggregateException && (ex as AggregateException).InnerExceptions.Any())
innerExceptions = (ex as AggregateException).InnerExceptions;
else if (ex.InnerException != null)
innerExceptions = new Exception[] { ex.InnerException };
foreach (var innerEx in innerExceptions)
foreach (string msg in innerEx.Messages())
yield return msg;
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kiquenet commented Apr 9, 2018

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