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Created May 26, 2015
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maven colored output for fish shell
# Maven colored output
# ====================
# NOTE: on OSX, install GNU sed:
# brew install gnu-sed --default-names
set -x BOLD (tput bold)
set -x UNDERLINE_ON (tput smul)
set -x UNDERLINE_OFF (tput rmul)
set -x TEXT_BLACK (tput setaf 0)
set -x TEXT_RED (tput setaf 1)
set -x TEXT_GREEN (tput setaf 2)
set -x TEXT_YELLOW (tput setaf 3)
set -x TEXT_BLUE (tput setaf 4)
set -x TEXT_MAGENTA (tput setaf 5)
set -x TEXT_CYAN (tput setaf 6)
set -x TEXT_WHITE (tput setaf 7)
set -x BACKGROUND_BLACK (tput setab 0)
set -x BACKGROUND_RED (tput setab 1)
set -x BACKGROUND_GREEN (tput setab 2)
set -x BACKGROUND_YELLOW (tput setab 3)
set -x BACKGROUND_BLUE (tput setab 4)
set -x BACKGROUND_MAGENTA (tput setab 5)
set -x BACKGROUND_CYAN (tput setab 6)
set -x BACKGROUND_WHITE (tput setab 7)
set -x RESET_FORMATTING (tput sgr0)
function mvn
# Filter mvn output using sed
command mvn $argv | \
sed -e "s/\(\[INFO\]\)\(.*\)/$TEXT_BLUE$BOLD\1$RESET_FORMATTING\2/g" \
-e "s/\(\[ERROR\]\)\(.*\)/$BOLD$TEXT_RED\1$RESET_FORMATTING\2/g" \
-e "s/Tests run: \([^,]*\), Failures: \([^,]*\), Errors: \([^,]*\), Skipped: \([^,]*\)/$BOLD$TEXT_GREENTests run: \1$RESET_FORMATTING, Failures: $BOLD$TEXT_RED\2$RESET_FORMATTING, Errors: $BOLD$TEXT_RED\3$RESET_FORMATTING, Skipped: $BOLD$TEXT_YELLOW\4$RESET_FORMATTING/g"
# Make sure formatting is reset
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