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ColdBox JSON Interceptor to support json http requests
* handles application/json content type requests
component {
void function configure(){}
void function preProcess(event,struct interceptData){
var rc = event.getCollection();
var jsonString = toString(getHttpRequestData().content);
var jsonObject = deserializeJSON( jsonString );
Boolean function isJSONRequest(){
var contentType = getHTTPHeader("Content-Type","");
return find("application/json",contentType) != 0;
function getHTTPHeader(header,defaultValue){
var headers = getHttpRequestData().headers;
if( structKeyExists(headers, arguments.header) ){
return headers[arguments.header];
if( structKeyExists(arguments,"defaultValue") ){
return arguments.defaultValue;
throw(message="Header #arguments.header# not found in HTTP headers",detail="Headers found: #structKeyList(headers)#",type="RequestContext.InvalidHTTPHeader");
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