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benfb / stonednerdkitty
Created Apr 3, 2011
The kitty says 'still alive.'
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Tonight I decided to set something interesting to happen every time I open the Terminal.
I decided to use cowsay (
and fortune ( to have a "cow" (kitten in my case)
give out random quotes from Portal, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
I was successful, and decided to share my method.
First, you should install both programs:
brew install fortune
brew install cowsay
benfb / restaurbot.rb
Created Aug 5, 2011
A simple restaurant robot
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# Restaurbot
$done = false
orders = [
'pizza', 'macaroni'
puts 'Hello. What is your name?'
$name = gets.chomp.capitalize
open -A /Applications/iA\ $1
benfb /
Last active Oct 10, 2015
i/o and variables
// name:
// purpose: determine minimum age of a possible date
import java.util.Scanner; // imports the "Scanner" library, which allows the program to set up a new Scanner object
public class BBaileyDateable
// method main(): program starting point
public static void main( String[] args )
import java.util.*;
import java.awt.*;
* Class that represents a turtle which is similar to a Logo turtle.
* This class inherts from SimpleTurtle and is for students
* to add methods to.
* Copyright Georgia Institute of Technology 2004
public class TurtleRunner
public static void main(String args[])
//create a world for your turtles
World turtleWorld = new World(600,800); //creates the turtle canvas
//create a picture
Picture turtle = new Picture("images.jpg"); //lets java know where the picture is
// name:
// purpose: demonstrate further method prowess
public class BBaileyInvoke
// method piggyBank(): returns what the change is worth in cents
public static int piggyBank(int pennies, int nickles, int dimes, int quarters, int halfDollars) //creates the piggyBank method, which takes the arguments pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and halfDollars
double money = (pennies *.01) + (nickles*.05) + (dimes*.1) + (quarters*.25) + (halfDollars*.5); //calculates the amount of money needed
public class BBaileyBook //the name of the class should be "Book"
private String bookName; //the variables need to be private because they are instance variables
private int bookISBN; //you don't need to assign default values because they are assigned in the constructors
public BBaileyBook(){ //default constructor named book that should provide default values ("" and 0, respectively) for the instance variables
bookName = ""; //when no arguments are passed, the title defaults to ""
bookISBN = 0; //when no arguments are passed, the ISBN defaults to 0
public BBaileyBook(String name, int isbn){ //creates a book object and assigns the name and isbn arguments to the instance variables
public class BBaileyBookRunner
public static void main(String args[])
BBaileyBook textBook = new Book(); //creates a new object textbook of class Book
textBook.setName("Scooby Doo"); //sets the name of textBook to "Scooby Doo"
textBook.getName(); //println would print default values if the default constructor was called. In this case, the output matches the input
System.out.println(textBook); //What does this line do? It calls the .toString() method
BBaileyBook theStranger = new Book("The Stranger", 123456789); //creates a new book with title "The Stranger" and ISBN 123...
System.out.println(textBook.getName); //prints textBook's name
public class InOrder //creates the InOrder class
private int numOne; //creates the instance variable numOne
private int numTwo; //creates the instance variable numTwo
private int numThree; //creates the instance variable numThree
boolean b = false; //creates the boolean value b (not instance)
public InOrder() //default constructor
{ //assigns default values to instance variables
numOne = 0;
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