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Created April 28, 2013 17:05
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A helper function to persist a value in local storage and update if that item is changed by another open window.
// helper function to persist the
// changes to localStorage and
function storageProxy(key, updateFn){
var store = window.localStorage;
// udpate if the key is already set
var initial = store.getItem(key);
if(initial) updateFn(initial)
// listen for updates from other windows
window.addEventListener("storage", function(e){
if(e.key == key) updateFn(e.newValue);
}, false);
// return a handle to update for this window
return function(obj){
// usage :
// <a class="bgc" href="#f08">pink</a><a class="bgc" href="#08f">blue</a>
// Background color will be persisted, and updated across all open windows
var bgColor = storageProxy('c-key', function(c){ = c;
$(document).on('click', '.bgc', function(){
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