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Firmware, Network, Storage

  1. Download the "full" bin file from here
  2. Install it on the Kimax device via the web interfact (note: I had some trouble with this due to CSS shenanigans).
  3. Connect to the device via ethernet, and go through the process here:
  4. Set up the wifi as per here:
  5. Now we have to deal with the bizarre default settings for networking. First, connect to the wifi and disconnect your ethernet cable.
  6. From the "Interfaces" view in OpenWRT's GUI, click "Edit" for the "LAN" interface, then under "Physical Settings", remove "eth0" (the switch) and save and apply the settings.
  7. Connect the Kimax to your primary router via Ethernet.
  8. Now you can go back to the main "Interfaces" view and hit "Connect" for WAN (and optionally WAN6). If you want to use Wifi instead of Ethernet for your upstream connection, you'll need to add a second Wifi device (likely a USB thing) and set that up in OpenWRT's GUI to be your WAN interface.
  9. The big drive is at /dev/sda, make partition on it, filling up the whole thing:
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