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Created Dec 2, 2020
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Complex Example YAML
foo1: "{{ variable }}/additional/string/literal"
foo2: "{{ variable }}\\backslashes\\are\\also\\special\\characters"
foo3: "even if it's just a string literal it must all be quoted"
foo4: "a \t TAB and a \n NEWLINE"
foo5: "somebody said I should put a colon here: so I did"
wild: this } is [ all , valid
flow_mapping: { key: "you { should [ use , quotes here" }
inline_array: [123, 5123,1325, "123z", zzz1, 12-.txt, 5.123, -51.23]
inline_complex_1: [{asd: 123}, {b: 2}]
windows_drive: "c:"
windows_path: c:\windows
name: Martin D'vloper
job: Developer
number: -4.123
employed: True
- Apple
- Orange
- Strawberry
- Mango
perl: Elite
python: Elite
pascal: Lame
education: |
3 A-Levels
BSc in the Internet of Things
- object:
value: 1
other: 2
- second:
value: 3
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