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Living document with information about adding the Spark Inspector framework into a RubyMotion project

###Add the Spark Inspector to a RubyMotion Project

Please give these instructions a try and let me know how it goes - it should be possible to get the Spark Inspector working. I don't own a copy of RubyMotion yet, but I identified the vendor_project options I think you'll need to include and link the Inspector's framework into your app.

UPDATE: @tbdr has confirmed that the instructions below work. Feel free to comment below if you discover issues!

UPDATE 2: @tbdr has published a gem motion-sparkinspector to make this easier. Source available

  1. Download the Spark Inspector from

  2. Drag and drop the Spark Inspector application into your Applications folder

  3. In your Rakefile, add:

app.vendor_project '/Applications/Spark', :static, :products => ['SparkInspector'], :force_load => true, :headers_dir => 'Headers'

app.libs += ['/usr/lib/libz.dylib']

app.frameworks += ['QuartzCore']

  1. In your AppDelegate, add SparkInspector.enableObservation to the first line of your application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method.

  2. Rake Clean

  3. Rake

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