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Created Jul 10, 2019
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Mailspring plugin to assign a class to each thread list row
// keep in mind this is a plain JavaScript file - the app won't "transpile" it
// in any way (Mailspring used to run Babel when it read plugin source code,
// but it became difficult to package up Babel as part of the application).
// We can still use most ES2016 language features because we use the latest Chrome.
// When you add this file to your theme also be sure to add a `main` entry to the
// package.json file to tell it that it should load this as the entrypoint of your plugin:
// {
// "main": "./main",
// ...
// }
const { ExtensionRegistry, AccountStore } = require('mailspring-exports');
const ThemeThreadListExtension = {
name: 'ThemeThreadListExtension',
cssClassNamesForThreadListItem(thread) {
const allAccountIds = AccountStore.accountIds();
return `account-${allAccountIds.indexOf(thread.accountId)}`;
cssClassNamesForThreadListIcon(thread) {
return '';
module.exports = {
activate() {
deactivate() {
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