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Inbound Recruiter Canned Response

Hi recruiter,

Thanks for reaching out and I apologize for the generic response. I've provided personal responses to dozens of inbound recruiter requests before, all of which have been a complete and utter waste of time.

I am very happy in my current role and unlikely to be switching jobs in the immediate future. However, if you're serious about pursuing me and not simply spamming everyone you discover on LinkedIn / Github / etc., here's some characteristics of the type of opportunity I'd be open to exploring:

  • Your company is looking to hire someone to build a kick ass data science / machine learning / software engineering team
  • Your company is looking for someone to lead an existing machine learning / software engineering team
  • You're looking to improve machine learning systems currently running in production
  • You're looking to create machine learning systems to solve existing challenges or explore new product areas
  • You're looking to create data-driven products

For us to start a more personal conversation, here's the type of information I need up front from you.

  • Links to github profiles / twitter accounts / etc. of any current members of your data science / machine learning team
  • Number of new data science / machine learning hires you're looking to make
  • More information on the specific role and responsibilities
  • Approximate compensation package



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