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Set up TravisCI to sync an S3 bucket.
" Two env variables must be added to TravisCI settings:
pip install --user awscli
provider: script
script: ~/.local/bin/aws s3 sync dist s3://MY_BUCKET_NAME --region=us-west-2 --delete
skip_cleanup: true
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astrotim commented May 18, 2017

Thanks for the gist. I'm using this with the --cache-control option.

script: ~/.local/bin/aws s3 sync dist s3://MY_BUCKET_NAME --region=us-west-2 --delete --cache-control="max-age=31536000"

I'm trying to find docs on how to set the cache-control only for specific file types, such as everything except .html files. Do you know how to achieve this?

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caub commented Jun 27, 2017

@astrotim put the files in 2 different folders, then sync each folder with different options

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