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Last active June 6, 2021 08:58
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Working example of UIActivityItemProvider customising a shared URL depending on the activity type.
import UIKit
class ViewController : UIViewController {
// Monotonous view setup hidden. Imagine there's a button on screen that gets tapped and fires the action below.
@IBAction func shareLinkButtonPressed(_ sender: Any) {
let urlToShare = URL(string: "")! // the base URL, in a real app this would be provided dynamically based on the current context
let sharingActivityItemProvider = LinkSharingActivityItemProvider(url: urlToShare) // make an activity item provider, defined below
let activityViewController = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: [sharingActivityItemProvider], applicationActivities: nil)
self.present(activityViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)
public class LinkSharingActivityItemProvider : UIActivityItemProvider {
public let sharingURL: URL
public init(url: URL) {
self.sharingURL = url
super.init(placeholderItem: url)
public override var item: Any { // customise the item for the current `activityType`
var components = URLComponents(url: self.sharingURL, resolvingAgainstBaseURL: true)!
if let activityType = self.activityType {
let rawActivityValue = activityType.rawValue
let queryValue = "twcamp^share|twsrc^ios|twgr^\(rawActivityValue)"
let queryItem = URLQueryItem(name: "ref_src", value: queryValue)
components.queryItems = (components.queryItems ?? []) + [queryItem]
return components.url!
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