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Created August 25, 2014 07:19
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This section defines all metatags which are used to have defined in a website. It also contains the most relevant OG-Tags for facebook. It can also be used as an example how to read FAL images related to a page record. Here it is used as og:image
<div xmlns:v=""
<f:section name="MetaTags">
{v:resource.record.fal(record: page, field: 'media', table: 'pages') -> v:iterator.extract(key: 'uid') -> v:iterator.first() -> v:var.set(name: 'pageMedia')}
<v:page.header.meta name="keywords" content="{page.keywords}" />
<v:page.header.meta name="description" content="{page.description}" />
<v:page.header.meta name="og:title" content="{page.title}" />
<v:page.header.meta name="og:type" content="article" />
<v:page.header.meta name="og:url" content="{v:page.absoluteUrl()}" />
<v:page.header.meta name="og:description" content="{page.description}" />
<f:if condition="{pageMedia}">
<v:page.header.meta name="og:image" content="{f:uri.image(src: pageMedia, treatIdAsReference: 1, maxHeight: 1024, maxWidth: 1024) -> v:format.prepend(add: '{v:page.siteUrl() -> v:format.substring(length: \'-1\')}')}" />
<v:page.header.meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />
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The helper var.set and are deprecated right now. To make the script working with the current version of vhs (2.1.x) change

v:var.set(name: 'pageMedia')
v:variable.set(name: 'pageMedia')



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