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class Order
def initialize
@line_items = []
def add_line_item(line_item)
@line_items << line_item
def total
subtotals = @line_items.each { |li| li.quantity * li.price }
class LineItem
attr_reader :quantity, :price
def initialize(quantity, price)
@price = price
@quantity = quantity
order =
order.add_line_item, 3.00)
order.add_line_item, 1.00)

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commented May 27, 2014

Hi Benjamin,

I'm new to Ruby and still working through the basics. I'm also going through the Pry tutorial on ... does the Order object need to have "attr_accessor :line_items" in order for the line_item method to be shown when we do an "ls" when in the Order instance? Below is the output I get without the "attr_accessor" declaration.

marvin-mantes-macbook-pro:7253254 mante$ ruby -r pry order.rb

From: /Users/mante/Documents/App_Academy/Pry/7253254/order.rb @ line 12 Order#total:

10: def total
11:   subtotals = @line_items.each { |li| li.quantity * li.price }

=> 12: binding.pry
13: subtotals.reduce(:+)
14: end

[1] pry(#)> ls
Order#methods: add_line_item total
instance variables: @line_items
locals: _ __ dir ex file in out pry subtotals


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commented May 28, 2014

Btw, thank you for the tutorial ... will be using Pry from here on out

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