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Payload Dropper Options
Usage: java -jar dropper.jar [options]
--help, -h                   Prints this menu and exits.
--safety-off, -so            This flag must be specified to execute the modifications specified by embedded payloads (enabling the flag disables the built-in safety).
--search-directories, -s     Specifies a comma separated list of directory paths to search for targets, if not specified a default set of search directories will be used.
--output-directory, -o       Specifies the output directory to save modified runtimes, if not specified output files will be written as temporary files.
--replace-target, -r         Attempt to replace target with modified target.
--disable-watermarking, -dw  Disables watermarking the modified target (can be used for additional stealth, but could also cause problems for watchers). Watermarks are used to prevent remodifying a target.
--ignore-watermarks, -iw     Ignores watermarks and modifies targets regardless of whether or not they have been previously modified.
--single-instance, -si       This flag enforces (using a file lock) that only a single instance of the dropper may execute at one time.
--watcher, -w                Enables a watcher process that waits to modify any discovered runtimes until the file hash of the runtime has changed (by default the process sleeps for 1 minute, unless the --watcher-sleep argument is specified).
--watcher-sleep, -ws         The amount of time in milliseconds to sleep between watcher checks.
--print-watermarked, -pw     Prints watermarked targets found on search paths.
--print-targets, -pt         Prints the targets of the dropper and exits.
--print-payloads, -pp        Prints the payloads of the dropper and exits.
--debug, -d                  Prints debug information.
--version, -v                Prints the version of the dropper and exists.
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