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Using static and instance initializers to invoke a private method on an anonymous inner class
* Playing around with inner classes and control flow
* @author Ben Holland
public class ExampleClass {
// static initializer
static {
// anonymous inner class
new ExampleClass() {
// instance initializer
String benign = doEvil();
// otherwise pointless method?
private String doEvil(){
System.out.println("DOING EVIL...");
return null; // hear no evil, see no evil ;)
* Prints the following to stdout
* <pre><code>DOING EVIL...
* </code></pre>
* There should be no way to call the doEvil method
* from the main method, except maybe through some fancy
* reflection magic
* @param args
public static void main(String[] args){
System.out.println("BEHAVING MYSELF...");
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