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Commented Certificate Chain Code
# Require the https/fs modules
# Akin to Apache's configuration directive:
# LoadModule ssl_module libexec/
# (Apache's FS module is built in, I think)
https = require 'https'
fs = require 'fs'
# List the certificate chain files
# (with Apache you might put these 4 files into 1 file, called your certificate chain)
files = [
# Read these files (just like Apache does internally)
ca = (fs.readFileSync "/path/to/#{file}" for file in files)
# Specify the SSL configuration
# These are the equivalent of Apache's configuration directives:
# SSLCACertificateFile / SSLCertificateChainFile
# SSLCertificateKeyFile
# SSLCertificateFile
httpsOptions =
ca: ca
key: "/path/to/server.key"
cert: "/path/to/mydomain.crt"
# This is the thing that processes requests, i.e. this is the core of Apache.
requestHandler = (req, res) ->
res.writeHead 501
# This creates a new instance of the HTTPS server, and then listens on localhost:443
# Akin to Apache's configuration directive:
# Listen
httpsServer = https.createServer httpsOptions, requestHandler
httpsServer.listen 443, "localhost"
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