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A table showing location and year of the IRE conference, as well as the monthly average temperature in June for that city.

location         year South? reference for location
Phoenix 2017 true 104
New Orleans 2016 true 89
Philadelphia 2015 83
San Francisco 2014 true 66
San Antonio 2013 true 91
Boston 2012 76
Orlando 2011 true 91
Las Vegas 2010 true 99
Baltimore 2009 true 85
Miami 2008 true 89
Phoenix 2007 true 104
Dallas/Fort Worth 2006 true 92
Denver 2005 82
Atlanta 2004 true 86
DC 2003 true 83

Temperatures are from for average high in that city in June, based in most cities off of the 1981-2010 temperatures. DC and San Antonio are 1961-1990.

Years with avg temp => 85: 10 since 2003.

Why'd I choose 85? Because that's the temperature where I, personally, stop feeling comfortable outdoors.

The "South?" criterion is true if a city is south of the Mason-Dixon line. Denver was given a pass, since it's pretty much on the line. San Francisco is south of that line, but calling it and Phoenix "south" will depend on whether we're looking at cultural south or just geographic.

Years south of the Mason-Dixon line? 12 since 2003.

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