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Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] master.vala:111: Compositing mode disabled because of WebKitGTK < 2.13.4
Master: [DEBUG Gtk] Connecting to session manager
Master: [DEBUG DioriteGtk] DesktopShell.vala:96: Shell: compiz (null), CSD 0, appmenu 1, menubar 0
Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] WebAppRegistry.vala:169: Found web app Test at /usr/share/nuvolaplayer3/web_apps/test, version 1.0
Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] WebAppRegistry.vala:169: Found web app 8tracks at /usr/share/nuvolaplayer3/web_apps/8tracks, version 5.1
Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] WebAppRegistry.vala:169: Found web app Amazon Cloud Player at /usr/share/nuvolaplayer3/web_apps/amazon_cloud_player, version 5.1
Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] WebAppRegistry.vala:169: Found web app Bandcamp at /usr/share/nuvolaplayer3/web_apps/bandcamp, version 2.1
Master: [DEBUG Nuvola] WebAppRegistry.vala:169: Found web app Deezer at /usr/share/nuvolaplayer3/web_apps/deezer, version 2.4
Master: [DEBUG
benmacleod / debug_ajax_datatable.rb
Last active Apr 13, 2016
Debug an AJAX Datatable from the Rails 4 console
View debug_ajax_datatable.rb
# Using a datatable as per
app.get '/things'
controller =
controller.request = app.request
controller.params ={search: 'Thing Name'})
datatable =
View params.rb
# This is what my params looks like
benmacleod / Gemfile
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Adding CORS support to a Ruby on Rails app working with a Squawkbox editor session
View Gemfile
source ''
gem 'rails'
# etc, etc.
gem 'rack-cors', require: 'rack/cors'
View account.rb
class Account
has_many :payment_methods
View dummies_controller_spec.rb
describe 'DELETE #destroy' do
let(:dummy) { mock('Dummy') }
it "should find the object with the given ID and destroy it" do
# set the expectations about the interactions
Dummy.should_receive(:find).with(99).and_return dummy
delete :destroy, id: 99
View _form.rb
<%= simple_form_for @item do |i| %>
<%= i.input :name %>
<%= i.input :description %>
<%= i.input :price %>
<%= i.input :zip %>
<%= i.input :weight %>
<%= i.input :volume %>
<%= i.simple_fields_for :item_images do |image| %>
<% image.input :image, as: :file %>
<% end %>
View comment..rb
def self.create_from_parent(parent_type, parent_id, comment_params, current_account)
parent = parent_type.safe_constantize
raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound unless parent && (parent.reflect_on_association(:comments).klass == self)
parent.find(parent_id).comments.create(comment_params.merge(account: current_account))
View gist:7003283
class Contact < ActiveResource::Base = 'http://localhost:3000/service/v1/'
self.user = (a = Account.find(1))
self.password = a.web_service_key
c = Contact.find 1
View gist:6985047
def password=(password)
Rails.logger.debug "Called password=#{password}"
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