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A Django model instance method decorator for creating queryset annotation compatibility.
def annotated(attr_name):
Decorator for returning pre-calculated, annotated values
This should be used with model instance methods that fetch some
kind of related or calculated data. If the method is called on
a single instance in isolation, we should expect the method to
execute and return its value. However if the method is called
on a member of a queryset where the `attr_name` was added as an
annotation, then it should return this value.
In this way we can retain the simplicity of just "geting" the
data for one object while retaining the performance of bulk
annotations in a queryset.
It additionally aids testing as it is typically simpler to
develop the result from a single instance, which can then be
compared to the result from the annotated queryset.
attr_name: the attribute name of the annotation
The underlying value, either from the method or from the queryset
def inner_decorator(func):
def func_wrapper(instance, *args, **kwargs):
# MUST check if the attribute exists, NOT if is truthy
# because if it exists and is `None` that IS what we
# want to return
if hasattr(instance, attr_name):
return getattr(instance, attr_name)
return func(instance, *args, **kwargs)
return func_wrapper
return inner_decorator
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