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Created May 27, 2020
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Download your Papertrail gzipped archives
Copy and paste into your browser console window after loading
your archives page, e.g. with a selected long date range.
The problem I had with my first attempt was that there was no delay,
so I was only downloading the last entry on the page. The linked
solution above pointed to the problem (each subsequent request was
killing the preceding request) which was including a delay. Here
I used 1.5 seconds, which should probably be bumped up just a little
bit since it missed a few entries.
Make sure your browser handles *.gz files by downloading them without
any prompt.
var elements = document.getElementsByClassName("right btn-links sm");
var counter = 0;
var interval = setInterval(function () {
if ( counter > elements.length ) {
}, 1500);
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