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How to raise a validation error in Rails after save
# This probably isn't a good thing to want to do, but it came up for me,
# so in the spirit of helping others with weird problems (and because this
# seems to be documented almost nowhere):
after_save do
if some_failing_condition
errors.add(:something, "some failure happened.")
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dbrady commented Oct 16, 2020

Still helpful in October 2020. We were on Rails 6 and we thought "oh, but it's all ActiveRelation now" but nope, ActiveRelation inherits from ActiveRecord::Base, and this is still the correct error class. Thank you!

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raises Class: RuboCop::Cop::Style::RaiseArgs cop with rubocop. Any hints?

raise ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid, user if user.invalid? and no rubocop error

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