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Created September 15, 2018 17:49
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Poppy Graham's Sleeping Game
open System
open System
open System.ComponentModel
let readLine () =
let exit () =
printfn "\r\nByyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz\r\n"
let loser () =
printfn "you snooze you lose, sucker. i'm squishing your brain."
let finalRoom hasFurCoat =
printfn "you are in a room, there are two buttons, a red button and a blue button. press r or b"
let answer = readLine()
if answer = "r" then
// Red button with lava.
printfn "lava is red and it just fell on your head."
printfn "you die slowly and that is a bad way to die "
elif answer = "b" then
// Blue button with snow.
printfn "loads of snow and ice drops from the roof and buries you..."
if hasFurCoat = true then
printfn "...don't worry, you survied as you wore the fur coat sleep safe and sound dont let the bugs bite"
printfn "you had nothung to protect you, you drowend in the snow. nighty night, all the bed bugs did bite"
printfn "i give up, you can't type properly."
let rec playGame() =
printfn "welcome to the sleeping game! (PEGI 12+)\r\n"
printfn "you are in your house fast asleep"
printfn "we are controlling your dreams your are going to have to choose wisely\r\nare you ready to play (Y or N?)?"
let readyToPlayAnswer = readLine()
if readyToPlayAnswer = "y" then
// Do the door question
printfn "you are stuck in a room and there is 3 doors and you have to pick one of them they are all death situations"
printfn "room one is full of lava"
printfn "room two contains a lion that's not eaten for 10 years"
printfn "room three contains an electric chair\n\r\nwhich room do you choose? 1, 2 or 3?"
let roomNumber = readLine()
if roomNumber = "1" then
printfn "why that one you fool? you die slowly in the worst pain..."
elif roomNumber = "2" then
printfn "well done, the lion is actually dead, so you are safe. you pick up his lovely skin so you can use it as a fur coat."
finalRoom true
elif roomNumber = "3" then
printfn "why would you choose number 3 you silly billy you would die instantly fortunately for you the chair is not working very well it maked your hair go fuzzy "
finalRoom false
printfn "you can't read or type very well, we've turned off your brain"
elif readyToPlayAnswer = "n" then
printfn "you are all alone now for the rest of you whole entire life, you should have played..."
printfn "wrong answer dummy, let's try again."
let main argv =
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