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ActionFilter for ASP.NET Web API DefaultParameterValue support in F#
namespace System.Web.Http
open System.Reflection
open System.Web.Http.Filters
open System.Web.Http.Controllers
open System.Runtime.InteropServices
/// Responsible for populating missing action arguments from DefaultParameterValueAttribute values.
/// Created to handle this issue
/// Note: This is for later version of System.Web.Http but could be back-ported.
type DefaultParameterValueFixupFilter() =
inherit ActionFilterAttribute()
/// Get list of (paramInfo, defValue) tuples for params where DefaultParameterValueAttribute is present.
let getDefParamVals (parameters:ParameterInfo array) =
[ for param in parameters do
let defParamValAttrs = param.GetCustomAttributes<DefaultParameterValueAttribute>() |> List.ofSeq
match defParamValAttrs with
// Review: we are ignoring null defaults. Is this correct?
| [x] -> if x.Value = null then () else yield param, x.Value
| [] -> ()
| _ -> failwith "Multiple DefaultParameterValueAttribute on param '%s'!" param.Name
/// Add action arg default values where specified in DefaultParameterValueAttribute attrs.
let addActionArgDefsFromDefParamValAttrs (context:HttpActionContext) =
match context.ActionDescriptor with
| :? ReflectedHttpActionDescriptor as ad ->
let defParamVals = getDefParamVals (ad.MethodInfo.GetParameters())
for (param, value) in defParamVals do
match context.ActionArguments.TryGetValue(param.Name) with
| true, :? System.Reflection.Missing
| false, _ ->
// Remove is null-op if key not found, so we handle both match cases OK.
let _ = context.ActionArguments.Remove(param.Name)
context.ActionArguments.Add(param.Name, value)
| _, _ -> ()
| _ -> ()
/// Override adding suport for DefaultParameterValueAttribute values.
override x.OnActionExecuting(context) =
addActionArgDefsFromDefParamValAttrs context
/// Override adding suport for DefaultParameterValueAttribute values.
override x.OnActionExecutingAsync(context, cancellationToken) =
addActionArgDefsFromDefParamValAttrs context
base.OnActionExecutingAsync(context, cancellationToken)
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