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Created March 8, 2011 06:31
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Subdomain tunneling with jQuery and document.domain
* Replace $.ajax on your subdomain with a copy taken
* from your base domain. All jQuery AJAX actions go
* through $.ajax (i.e. $.get, $.post), so it's all good.
(function() {
var iframe,
queue = [],
// This has to be set both here and in iframe.html
document.domain = '';
// Back up this page's copy of $.ajax
window.$._ajax = window.$.ajax;
// We'll first replace $.ajax with a thin wrapper that both
// loads our iframe tunnel and saves invocations until the
// iframe is ready
$.ajax = function(params) {
if (!iframe) {
// tunnel.html should be a bare bones html page that
// includes a copy of jQuery, and sets document.domain
// to ''
iframe = $('<iframe>')
.attr('src', '')
// Save calls to $.ajax, execute when we're ready
function onload() {
// Our prize: a version of $.ajax that can communicate safely
// with our base domain
window.$.ajax = iframe.contentWindow.jQuery.ajax;
// Flush queued $.ajax calls
$.each(queue, function(_, params) {
queue = null;
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Does the iframe have to be served from the domain you're trying access?

Yes, definitely. Did you read the original article?

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yeah, sorry I mean sub-domain. But looks like no matter what I try, doing POST to the subdomain isn't going to work for me.

Since we're not using https I'll just switch to jsonp and GET.

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I have it backwards, I have code on my primary domain, that needs to post to the subdomain.

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ferdyh commented Nov 1, 2012

IE doesn't seem to like this solution... Have you experienced any trouble using IE?

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