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Ben Watkins benwtks

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cd ~/blog
tmux new -s Blog -d
tmux send-keys -t Blog 'git s' C-m
tmux rename-window -t Blog Zsh
tmux new-window -t Blog
tmux send-keys -t Blog 'vim' C-m
tmux rename-window -t Blog Vim
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" My which-key mappings
" Define prefix dictionary
let g:which_key_map = {
\ 'h': [':History', 'History'],
\ 'n': [':NERDTreeToggle', 'NERDTree toggle'],
\ 'u': [':MundoToggle', 'Undo tree'],
\ }
let g:which_key_map.b = {
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Last active Apr 28, 2020
Useful git commands

Useful git commands

Undo last unpushed commit without losing changes

git reset HEAD~1 --soft

Undo changes to a specific file

git checkout -- (file name)