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Run Hugo on an Android phone

First install Termux

Then there are two options:

Build from source

Open the Termux terminal on your Android device and copy-and-paste the commands listed below and hit ENTER:

apt update;\
apt install -y git golang make;\
export GOPATH=$HOME/go;\
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin;\
go get -d;\
cd $GOPATH/src/;\
make install;\
hugo server -s docs;

Now you can point a browser at http://localhost:1313 and you should see the Hugo site with docs and all.

Use a prebuilt release binary

apt update;\
apt install curl;\
curl -L | tar zxf -

I've been trying to get Hugo to run on my Samsung Chromebook Pro via Termux. I've tried both of your options, and I can seem to get it to work at all. I'm getting an error that it's an unsupported architecture when I try to build it. Specifically I've been trying to get to work, and I haven't had success. Any thoughts, and assistance would be appreciated.

The make version fails completely, and won't "make" due to a makeinstall not being present.
The pre-built release binary downloads, but I can't seem to get it to run.

same here, this wont work.
attached is a screenshot.

@mrbrianhinton and @jerjungle,

I don't know if either of these posts will help you, but there what I did using the above gist as a base. It works with a Intel based Thinkpad Chromebook as least. I think the Samsung Chromebook Pro is also Intel based, so it 'should' work.

For Chromebooks there's a step or two extra needed and it's documented in the post. I too had the problem with the make command, but found that it was not 'needed' in my case.

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