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Random notes:
no link to Intro from the main POD
complicated synopsis is not a proper introduction
V::C second synopsis block is broken
shortened function names in synopsis are bad
don't tell me what V::C is not, tell me what it is
'fld' creates "attr(s) w/rules", 'has' is "just an attr", why two words?
At this point I still don't know how to do anything useful with one-liner, and have no idea which part of code does the actual validation.
I tried this:
perl -E 'package X; use Data::Dumper; use Validation::Class; field foo => { required => 1, min_length => 2 }; X->new(foo => 5)'
and it does nothing
I'm probably cargo-culting and don't get something trivial...
Oh well, I guess I should read the whole KEYWORDS section now or Intro.
Re-read SYNOPSIS once again. Trying to understand why it's so confusing.
Here's what I see in it:
- you create fields (I assume it's something like Mo* attributes)
- you pass the list of attribute name/values in constructor
But I tried to do the one-liner above and found that:
1) new() parameters are not stored anywhere
2) and they are not validated
3) maybe they're just for 'mth create', but then why are they constructor's parameters?
Nope, it's just the broken synopsis.
I tried to run it with name => 'f' and it does nothing, even though there's 'min_length => 2' in name's declaration.
(30 minutes since I started)
Finally reading Intro.
"Recently I've been experimenting with using Validation::Class to provide a..." is not a good start.
Does this sentence explain the main use-case of validation, or some exotic non-standard use-case?
"Die On Your Own Terms" could explain why I don't get any errors, but it still doesn't explain why X is empty.
It must be something else.
"A Reasonably Realistic Example" looks like it would work, but I'm too lazy to copy-paste it into 4 different files to check.
Looks like I must have several classes and use this $app->class(...) method to get it working. Or do I?
Too much magic :(
perl -E 'package X; use Data::Dumper; use Validation::Class; field foo => { required => 1, min_length => 2 }; method check => { input => [qw/ foo /], using => sub {} }; my $x = X->new(foo => "aa"); $x->ignore_failure(0); $x->report_failure(1); say $x->foo'
Dumper($x) is empty because it's inside-out.
It doesn't validate 'foo' in constructor at all, but if I call '->check', it DTRT.
At this point (almost an hour after I started) I'm beginning to understand "how" but don't get the "why". It looks like Moose's attributes with type constraints, but with optional/configurable error handling (I see how this is useful) and without validating in the constructor (WTF?)
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