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Nicolas B. berewt

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berewt / Audit.idr
Created Jun 17, 2018
Data pre-processing in Idris with the version 0.0.1 of Leon
View Audit.idr
module Audit
import Control.Monad.Syntax
import Data.Fin
import Data.String
import Data.Vect
import Data.Vect.Sub
import Leon.DataFrame.Columns
berewt / TennisDT.idr
Last active May 26, 2018
Tennis Kata, in Idris, with Dependent types.
View TennisDT.idr
module TennisDT
%default total
data Player = Player1 | Player2
||| Prove that the game is not over after a point
data NotWinning : Nat -> Nat -> Type where
||| Game is not over because the winning player is below 40
View ITE.hs
module Pipes.ITE where
import Pipes
import qualified Pipes.Prelude as P
ite :: Monad m => (a -> Bool) -> Pipe a b m () -> Pipe a c m () -> Pipe (Either b c) d m () -> Pipe a d m r
ite predicate l r j = for cat $ \x -> yield x >-> if predicate x
then l >-> Left >-> j
else r >-> Right >-> j
View ArduinoBasic.idr
||| A Straightforward translation of the
||| [ArduinoML]( use case
||| with a bit of syntax extension for a smooth DSL experience
module ArduinoBasic
import Data.Union
namespace model
View VerifiedSmartConstructor.idr
module Main
||| The smart consturctor tool:
||| Check whether an element belongs to a given subset
subset : ((x: a) -> Dec (prop x)) -> a -> Either a (Subset a prop)
subset dec y with (dec y)
| (Yes prf) = pure (Element y prf)
| (No contra) = Left y
-- Example
View NodeLeafTree.hs
module NodeLeafTree where
import Data.Bifunctor
import Data.List.NonEmpty
data Tree a b
= Leaf a
| Node b (NonEmpty (Tree a b))
instance Bifunctor Tree where
View ObjectLiteralDumbass.js
$ node --version
$ node
> bar = {MyClass: function (x) {this.x = x}}
{ MyClass: [Function: MyClass] }
> foo = {MyClass(x) {this.x = x}}
{ MyClass: [Function: MyClass] }
> new bar.MyClass(2)
MyClass { x: 2 }
> new foo.MyClass(2)
berewt / Union.idr
Created Jul 22, 2016
Union type in Idris
View Union.idr
module Data.Union
import Data.Vect
data Sum : {n: Nat} -> Vect n Type -> Type where
isA: t -> {auto e: Elem t ts} -> Sum ts
data Orange = AnOrange String
data Apple = AnApple String
berewt / TDT.hs
Last active Sep 3, 2015
Duck Typed morphisms statically typed
View TDT.hs
{import Control.Applicative ((<|>))
import Control.Monad
import Data.Data
import Data.Generics.Aliases
import Data.Monoid
trans :: (MonadPlus m, Typeable a, Typeable b) => (b -> r) -> a -> m r
trans = mkQ mzero . (return .)
mcast :: (Typeable b, Typeable r) => (a -> Maybe b) -> a -> Maybe r
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