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Package Tracking on Ethereum (Solidity)
pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
contract PackageTracking {
struct Place {
bool exists;
string country;
string location;
struct Package {
address sentBy;
string destination;
struct Scan {
address placeOwner;
uint packageId;
uint timestamp; // block number
string country;
string location;
event newPackage(uint packageId, address sentBy, string destination);
event newScan(uint scanId, address placeOwner, uint packageId, uint timestamp, string country, string location);
Package[] packages;
Scan[] scans;
mapping (address => Place) ownerToPlace;
mapping (address => uint[]) placeOwnerToScanIds;
mapping (uint => uint[]) packageIdToScanIds;
function setPlace(string memory _country, string memory _location) public {
ownerToPlace[msg.sender].country = _country;
ownerToPlace[msg.sender].location = _location;
ownerToPlace[msg.sender].exists = true;
function createPackage(string memory _destination) public returns (uint) {
uint packageId = packages.push(Package(msg.sender, _destination)) - 1;
emit newPackage(packageId, msg.sender, _destination);
return packageId;
function scanPackage(uint _packageId) public returns (uint) {
Place memory place = ownerToPlace[msg.sender];
require(_packageId < packages.length, "packageId does not exist");
require(place.exists, "Place has not been set");
uint scanId = scans.push(Scan(msg.sender, _packageId, block.number,, place.location)) - 1;
emit newScan(scanId, msg.sender, _packageId, block.number,, place.location);
return scanId;
function getPlace() public view returns (string memory, string memory) {
require(ownerToPlace[msg.sender].exists, "Place has not been set");
Place memory place = ownerToPlace[msg.sender];
return (, place.location);
function getPackageById(uint _packageId) public view returns (address, string memory) {
require(_packageId < packages.length, "packageId does not exist");
Package memory p = packages[_packageId];
return (p.sentBy, p.destination);
function getScanById(uint _scanId) public view returns (address, uint, uint, string memory, string memory) {
require(_scanId < scans.length, "scanId does not exist");
Scan memory s = scans[_scanId];
return (s.placeOwner, s.packageId, s.timestamp,, s.location);
function getScanIdsByPackageId(uint _packageId) public view returns (uint[] memory) {
require(_packageId < packages.length, "packageId does not exist");
return packageIdToScanIds[_packageId];
function getScanIds() public view returns (uint[] memory){
require(ownerToPlace[msg.sender].exists, "Place has not been set");
return placeOwnerToScanIds[msg.sender];
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