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Last active March 31, 2020 21:32
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Knative on minikube with Kourier
export KNATIVE_VERSION="0.13.0"
# Not sure the minimum but this works for helloworld
minikube start --cpus=4 --memory=4096 --addons=ingress
# Install Knative Serving
kubectl apply --filename "$KNATIVE_VERSION/serving-crds.yaml"
kubectl apply --filename "$KNATIVE_VERSION/serving-core.yaml"
# Configure the magic DNS name
kubectl apply --filename "$KNATIVE_VERSION/serving-default-domain.yaml"
# Install and configure Kourier
kubectl apply --filename$KNATIVE_VERSION/third_party/kourier-latest/kourier.yaml
kubectl patch configmap/config-network --namespace knative-serving --type merge --patch '{"data":{"ingress.class":""}}'
# watch until all pods are ready
kubectl get pod -A -w
# open new tab to start the LB
minikube tunnel
# get public IP
kubectl get svc kourier -n kourier-system
# deploy helloworld from jonatasbaldin
kubectl apply -f
# get the URL, should look like
kubectl get ksvc
# cURL the URL, should see Hello Go Sample v1!
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