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berichan /
Last active June 8, 2023 16:36
How to compile SysBot.NET for linux-arm64 and run it on a raspberry pi


My Pokemon shiny raid seed checker which is essentially a dudu bot clone runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 so I thought I'd write down how I compiled an arm-64 optimized version of SysBot.NET/Pokemon.

This guide assumes you have a working and 64-bit compatible Raspberry Pi with the 64-bit version of Raspbian installed and have at least a basic understanding of how to use Raspbian/Linux. If you can't get this set up, you should ask for help in the official Raspberry Pi forums. Note, the 64-bit OS is only installable on the Pi 3 and Pi 4 (and onwards) devices. 32-bit compilation (not covered) is easier but significantly slower for a variety of things SysBot.NET uses, so I don't recommend it.

Make sure your pi is up-to-date by running sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.

Note, This guide also assumes you have already used (with success) SysBot.NET at least once and are able to copy over your c

berichan / ProcessRestarter.cs
Last active April 17, 2023 08:39
A very simple cross-platform C# / .NET Core program that restarts an application whever it dies or every x seconds/minutes/hours/days (whatever you need really) and optionally looks out for a line in the output or console and restarts whenever it sees it after the restart period.
// This is a very simple program that takes in a config file (config.txt)
// in the same directory as the application and creates a process with
// (optional, can stay blank) arguments, and restarts it whenever it
// dies or (optionally) every x number of seconds/minutes/hours/days etc.
// You can also have it set up to look out for a certain line in the
// output and restart it whenever it sees that line (uses String.Contains)
// Can obviously be much cleaner.
// 2020 Berichan
using System;
berichan /
Last active May 16, 2023 03:13
Quick guide to getting a shiny den using or other dudu bot style seed checkers.


This isn't intended as a thorough guide to getting a shiny den. If you're looking for an extensive guide, consider using the one by /r/PokemonMaxRaids which is available here.

A hacked switch is NOT required to use this guide.

If you're just looking for the seed checker (シードチェック):

Setting up

  • Make sure you have autosave turned off in settings, if you don't then you will lose your den as soon as you finish it.
  • Put a wishing piece in the den you want shinies from. Use to take a look at what each den contains (Isle of armor can be toggled from the top bar)