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Launching MVP

Bèr Kessels berkes

Launching MVP
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irb(main):001:1* class Wrapper
irb(main):002:2* def initialize(wrapped)
irb(main):003:2* @wrapped = wrapped
irb(main):004:1* end
irb(main):006:2* def call(name)
irb(main):008:1* end
irb(main):009:0> end
=> :call
berkes /
Last active Nov 4, 2021
HAL Libraries for Ruby - evaluation

HAL API libraries for Ruby used as seed.

Evaluation of various HAL clients to build and consume HAL JSON APIs for Plannel. Evaluation purely by reading code and README. No Proof of Concept or experience with any of the libs.

The evaluation was done with a clear goal in mind: build the HTTP+HAL+JSON adapter on an existing business-domain that (hexagonal architecture). Preferably using Sinatra, since this HTTP adapter does not interact with databases or other plumbing etc: only with Models (Root Aggregates) and Commands. Clean, and easy to understand architecture is an important criteria. As are some other criteria: this is very opinionated and might not match what you are looking for, at all: it may very well be that something listed as "con" is a "pro" for you.

Tests for the API need a HAL client, the implementation needs a server. Client and server need not be the same library.

berkes / example.php
Created Oct 8, 2021
URL shortner without storage
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composer require "tuupola/base85:^1.0"
$url = ""
$base85 = new Tuupola\Base85;
$tokenized = $base85->encode($url);
$shortened = "$tokenized";
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# frozen_string_literal: true
require 'delegate'
module Workflows
# Common workflow generics
class Base < SimpleDelegator
attr_reader :test_obj
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SELECT DISTINCT SUBPATH(categories.path, 0, 1) FROM "gauges" INNER JOIN "entities" ON "entities"."id" = "gauges"."entity_id" INNER JOIN "categories_gauges" ON "categories_gauges"."gauge_id" = "gauges"."id" INNER JOIN "categories" ON "categories"."id" = "categories_gauges"."category_id" WHERE (entities.path <@ '1924544') AND ( IN (SELECT "gauges"."id" FROM "gauges" LEFT OUTER JOIN categories_gauges
ON categories_gauges.gauge_id =
AND categories_gauges.category_id IN (SELECT "categories"."id" FROM "categories" WHERE (categories.path <@ '5005')) WHERE (categories_gauges.category_id IN (5129,2496,2500,2504,2509,2513,2517,2521,2525,2529,8012,8015,4274,4318,4556,4322,3124,3203,3089,3081,3091,3123,3093,3059,3067,3055,3075,3125,3133,3108,3113,3114,3116,3119,3118,3129,3100,3670,3663,3700,4044,4020,4030,4011,4050,3094,3101,3194,3196,3197,3103,3038,6610,5007,5008,5006,7578,7581,7795,7802,7810,7817,7820,7824,7827,7830,7833,7836,7841,7814,7805,8933,8977,9706,9303,9323,9456,9063,9073,9076,962
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# English:
# file = "/usr/share/dict/british-english"
# file = /usr/share/dict/words
file = "/usr/share/dict/nederlands"
words ="\n")
16.times do
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require 'pp'
prefixes = %w{
berkes / command
Last active Mar 6, 2020
Dutch Domains in The Duckduckgo Tracker Radar Dataset
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git clone
cd tracker-radar
grep -R "\"domain\":" | grep "\.nl\"" | cut -d ":" -f3- | sed "s/[ \"\,]//g"
berkes / CouponManager.sol
Created Nov 26, 2018
CouponManager v0.1.0
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pragma solidity ^0.4.22;
contract CouponManager {
enum Answers { NoAnswer, Approved, Denied, Pending }
struct Batch {
string description;
uint expiresAt;
uint24 amount;
uint24 free;