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Created February 15, 2017 06:46
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Warming up --------------------------------------
PointStruct 224.769k i/100ms
PointClass 168.605k i/100ms
Hash 63.197k i/100ms
OpenStruct 81.934k i/100ms
Calculating -------------------------------------
PointStruct 4.279M (±12.8%) i/s - 20.679M in 5.016227s
PointClass 3.143M (± 5.0%) i/s - 15.680M in 5.003189s
Hash 840.233k (± 5.6%) i/s - 4.234M in 5.055979s
OpenStruct 861.721k (±15.8%) i/s - 4.179M in 5.004733s
READ ==========
Warming up --------------------------------------
PointStruct 232.386k i/100ms
PointClass 218.295k i/100ms
Hash 171.068k i/100ms
OpenStruct 157.127k i/100ms
Calculating -------------------------------------
PointStruct 5.837M (±20.0%) i/s - 26.492M in 5.015568s
PointClass 7.263M (±25.1%) i/s - 33.399M in 5.016318s
Hash 6.148M (±18.0%) i/s - 29.424M in 5.029195s
OpenStruct 4.199M (±15.5%) i/s - 20.427M in 5.008816s
WRITE ==========
Warming up --------------------------------------
PointStruct 169.963k i/100ms
PointClass 166.700k i/100ms
Hash 145.621k i/100ms
OpenStruct 163.663k i/100ms
Calculating -------------------------------------
PointStruct 6.896M (± 9.8%) i/s - 34.163M in 5.005230s
PointClass 8.317M (±11.2%) i/s - 41.008M in 5.000077s
Hash 7.697M (±13.6%) i/s - 37.425M in 5.002711s
OpenStruct 4.155M (±13.1%) i/s - 18.985M in 5.021359s
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