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CookieBot = {
start: function() {
this.clickInterval = setInterval(function(){
// Click the large cook as fast as possible!
}, 1);
this.goldenCookieInterval = setInterval(function(){
// Make the golden cookie show up
// Click the large cook as fast as possible!
}, 1000);
this.buyInterval = setInterval(function(){
// Now we need to buy stuff with our money.
// Start by trying to buy the most-expensive item
var last = []$$(".product.enabled")).reverse()[0];
if (last) {;
} else {
// Then try to buy the most expensive upgrade
var upgrade = []$$(".upgrade.enabled")).reverse()[0];
if (upgrade) {;
}, 30000);
stop: function() {

bernieperez commented Oct 9, 2013

How to use: Paste the following into the JavaScript console in your browser and run it.

To start the bot type: CookieBot.start();

To stop it do: CookieBot.stop(); (or just reload the page).


bernieperez commented Oct 9, 2013

Changes to John's original code:

  1. Waits 30 seconds to build up a bank before buying.
  2. Forces golden cookies to show up and clicks them.
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