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ShortName: ebs
# Load a StorageClass from the given file. This file must be in the same directory as this one
FromFile: storageclass.yaml
# Must be set to enable snapshotting tests
FromName: true
# Internal name of the driver, this is used as a display name in the test case and test objects
# The range of disk size supported by this driver. Note that Min must be the EXACT size of a volume
# that can be provisioned by the CSI driver. For example, when the driver requires volume sizes to be
# rounded to a certain value (typically 1 or 4 GiB), Min must be rounded to that value. A test will
# check that when it asks for a volume with size Min, it will get the volume with exactly that size.
Min: 1Gi
Max: 16Ti
# Map of strings for supported FS types
ext4: {}
xfs: {}
# Map of strings for supported mount options. This will be used to test that the CSI driver correctly
# passes a mount option from Kubernetes to the kernel mount table. The mount options listed here must be:
# 1. Supported by both the CSI driver and the kernel.
# 2. Non-default. Note that the real set of all default mount options depends on the kernel and filesystem type.
# 3. Visible in /proc/mounts after mount.
# 4. Harmless, i.e., the mount option should not affect how the storage behaves too much.
noatime: {}
# Optional list of topology keys that the driver supports
TopologyKeys: [""]
# Optional number of allowed topologies that the driver requires. Only relevenat if TopologyKeys is set
NumAllowedTopologies: 1
# Map of strings for required mount options
# RequiredMountOption:
# Optional list of access modes required for provisiong. Default is RWO
# RequiredAccessModes:
# Map that represents the capabilities the driver supports
# Data is persistest accross pod restarts
persistence: true
# Volume ownership via fsGroup
fsGroup: true
# Raw block mode
block: true
# Exec a file in the volume
exec: true
# Support for volume limits
volumeLimits: false
# Support for volume expansion in controllers
controllerExpansion: true
# Support for volume expansion in nodes
nodeExpansion: true
# Support volume that an run on single node only (like hostpath)
singleNodeVolume: false
# Support ReadWriteMany access modes
RWX: false
# Support topology
topology: true
# Support populate data from snapshot
snapshotDataSource: true
# Support populated data from PVC
pvcDataSource: true
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