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nRF51 Development Kit complete setup for Linux

nRF51 Development Kit complete setup for Linux

[Updated in 02/2020 - SDK 12.3.0]

Installation Steps



store the SDK path under NRF51_SDK_DIR :

export NRF51_SDK_DIR=$PWD/your-sdk-folder/nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad
  • edit Makefile config : vi $NRF51_SDK_DIR/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix :
GNU_INSTALL_ROOT := <path_to_toolchain>
GNU_VERSION := 5.2.1
GNU_PREFIX := arm-none-eabi

Replace your toolchain path + your GNU version

For example :

GNU_INSTALL_ROOT := /home/user/adafruit-oled-st7735-dk51/gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4
GNU_VERSION := 5.2.1
GNU_PREFIX := arm-none-eabi


get the nrf uploader :



cd $NRF51_SDK_DIR/examples/peripheral/blinky/pca10028/blank/armgcc


make flash

Your blink example should be running

Debug your code (for manual testing using the makefiles)

I don't use the Segger files from the external folder in the SDK. I use the one from this gist :

clone the gist and copy the folder under segger_rtt in the path below :

git clone
mkdir -p $NRF51_SDK_DIR/components/drivers_ext/segger_rtt
cp ./25a566178766c7d0a7e04a18b341a732/* $NRF51_SDK_DIR/components/drivers_ext/segger_rtt/

Update the blink example with #include "SEGGER_RTT.h" and SEGGER_RTT_printf(0, "Hello world!\n"); in the loop

Update the Makefile :

sed -i -e 's/external\/segger_rtt/components\/drivers_ext\/segger_rtt/g' $NRF51_SDK_DIR/examples/peripheral/blinky/pca10028/blank/armgcc/Makefile
sed -i '/RTT_Syscalls_GCC.c/d' $NRF51_SDK_DIR/examples/peripheral/blinky/pca10028/blank/armgcc/Makefile

Compile & upload:

make flash

start debug :

JLinkExe  -device  nRF51422_xxAC -speed 4000 -if SWD
> connect

In another terminal :


You should now see Hello world! in the client

Note: I used different Segger sources because I didn't find a good example how to compile properly the Segger files from the SDK. The only difference between the one of my gist & the SDK is SEGGER_RTT_Conf.h which is much simpler

CI script

A working CI script for DK 51 :


wget -q
bzip2 -q -dc gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4-20151219-linux.tar.bz2 | tar xf -
rm gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4-20151219-linux.tar.bz2
chmod +x $PWD/gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4/bin/*
ls -al $PWD/gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4/bin
mkdir -p sdk
wget -q -O
unzip -qq -d ./sdk
export NRF51_SDK_DIR=$PWD/sdk/nRF5_SDK_12.3.0_d7731ad
echo "GNU_INSTALL_ROOT := `pwd`/gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_2-2015q4"$'\r\n'"GNU_VERSION := 5.2.1"$'\r\n'"GNU_PREFIX := arm-none-eabi"$'\r\n' > ${NRF51_SDK_DIR}/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.posix
mkdir -p $NRF51_SDK_DIR/components/drivers_ext/segger_rtt
git clone
cp ./25a566178766c7d0a7e04a18b341a732/* $NRF51_SDK_DIR/components/drivers_ext/segger_rtt/
echo $NRF51_SDK_DIR
echo $PATH

Sample projects

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