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Get the run_id associated to a dispatch in Github actions
import random
import string
import datetime
import requests
import time
# edit the following variables
owner = "YOUR_ORG"
repo = "YOUR_REPO"
workflow = "dispatch.yaml"
token = "YOUR_TOKEN"
authHeader = { "Authorization": f"Token {token}" }
# generate a random id
run_identifier = ''.join(random.choices(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits, k=15))
# filter runs that were created after this date minus 5 minutes
delta_time = datetime.timedelta(minutes=5)
run_date_filter = (datetime.datetime.utcnow()-delta_time).strftime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M")
r ="{owner}/{repo}/actions/workflows/{workflow}/dispatches",
headers= authHeader,
json= {
"id": run_identifier
print(f"dispatch workflow status: {r.status_code} | workflow identifier: {run_identifier}")
workflow_id = ""
while workflow_id == "":
r = requests.get(f"{owner}/{repo}/actions/runs?created=%3E{run_date_filter}",
headers = authHeader)
runs = r.json()["workflow_runs"]
if len(runs) > 0:
for workflow in runs:
jobs_url = workflow["jobs_url"]
print(f"get jobs_url {jobs_url}")
r = requests.get(jobs_url, headers= authHeader)
jobs = r.json()["jobs"]
if len(jobs) > 0:
# we only take the first job, edit this if you need multiple jobs
job = jobs[0]
steps = job["steps"]
if len(steps) >= 2:
second_step = steps[1] # if you have position the run_identifier step at 1st position
if second_step["name"] == run_identifier:
workflow_id = job["run_id"]
print("waiting for steps to be executed...")
print("waiting for jobs to popup...")
print("waiting for workflows to popup...")
print(f"workflow_id: {workflow_id}")
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